The Faqs

How long does the band play? – Our standard quote is for a 6-hour event. This includes 2 sets spread throughout the evening at your discretion. With toasts, cake cutting, DJ services, and other extracurricular activities, you’ll find that this is the perfect amount of time for the band’s performance. If you want extended hours, we are happy to discuss adding additional hours at a small cost. This timeline is our standard recommendation, but we are fully dedicated to fulfilling all of your needs for your special occasion. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate.

Does the band provide a sound system, lighting, and emcee-ing? – We supply all the P.A. and lighting equipment needed to cover most meeting rooms and receptions. “Soul Fish” takes care of all emcee-ing duties for your event. If you need to use our sound system for special announcements or speeches, that’s not a problem. If additional coverage is needed, your venue will probably inform you of that. Quite simply, if the room is too large, an echo is created. If multiple rooms are used, the music will be more audible in the performance room. In some cases, we can patch into the “in-house” system of the venue. We would need their assistance to do this during our set up time. This is not usually required.

Can the band play the wedding ceremony? – Yes. We can provide live music and sound equipment for your wedding ceremony.
The wedding ceremony package includes:
1. State of the art sound system designed for elegant wedding ceremonies.
2. The sound system includes wireless lapel mic for your ceremony officiant. This special feature enables everyone in your congregation to hear you, your fiance and your officiant, making it a lovely and memorable occasion for you and your guests.
3. Additional wireless microphone is available for family members or friends to read memorable speeches, such as past stories, poems or scriptures.
4. Your choice of any style of live music.
5. This service is included at no extra charge.
6. Feel free to take a listen to an audio sample of a few of our live ceremony tunes below.

Does the band provide DJ Services during their breaks? –

Yes. “Soul Fish” can provide DJ services for your event.
This performances package includes:
1. An additional hour of DJ services using the top of the line turntables and sound system incorporating all of the latest features in today’s technology, while creating the perfect dancing environment for you and your guests.
2. Your choice of music can be played whenever you like. Just let us know your preference, and we’ll take care of it.
3. This service is included at no extra charge.

Does the band provide dinner music? –
Yes.  Soul Fish can provide live or recorded music of any style during dinner. Just let us know your preference and we’ll take care of it. We have found in the past that this portion of the evening is enjoyable for guests who mostly want to enjoy a little bit of shag or easy listening music just to warm up their dance moves for later. Feel free to take a listen to one of our favorite shag tunes below. Enjoy:

May I choose all of the music for my event? – Of course. We will provide any style of live or recorded music you wish for your special occasion. Our song list is very extensive and is constantly being updated. If you have any song selections that are currently not in our collection, that’s not a problem. Just give us plenty of notice, and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

What type of events does the band perform? – For over 16 years now, we have performed all types of events all across the southeast including: wedding receptions (same-sex & traditional), wedding ceremonies, surprise wedding proposals, corporate events, birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversaries, reunions, festivals, oyster roasts, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs.

Does the band travel? – Yes. We enjoy a good road trip. Depending upon the event’s location, there may be an additional charge for travel and lodging. Feel free to contact us for a quote based on the specifics regarding your event.

What is the band’s attire? – Different styles of formal or casual attire is available upon request. Our standard and most popular formal attire options are: all black, white shirt and khaki pants with brown or black dress shoes, matching suits with black ties, and tuxedoes.

If my event is outdoors, do we need to provide a stage and cover for the band? – A stage is preferred, but not required. It improves the viewing enjoyment for your guests and provides an element of safety for the band and the audience. Smaller spaces can be utilized, but it can affect our ability to deliver the best performance. A cover is required for the band. We need protection from the elements including shade from the sun. We have to keep our equipment dry from rain, snow, dew, sprinkler systems, wind-blown spray from fountains, leaky commercial tents due to severe storms, etc. This has all happened along the way. Safety for you, your guests and our group is the top priority. Cold temperatures can be a problem as well, so please keep us in mind.

When and where can I see the band play? –
We would love for you to come see us perform. Feel free to check out live shows on our calendar.

What does the band require for the

1. Electric requirements: For our power needs, we need at least 2 separate 120-volt circuits with a minimum of 20 amps, close to the stage, and with nothing else plugged into them. We have our own extension cords, unless we are playing outside, or the AC power is a long distance from the performance area. If so, we will need additional extensions for power.
2. Green Room: Although not a requirement, this does allow the band an area to eat, store personal items and discuss details to insure the best possible performance. This can be the same room utilized for the case storage mentioned above.
3. Band Meals and Refreshment: We do need to feed the band. These events require a large commitment of time on behalf of the players. Although our performance time may be an average of 4 hours; travel time to the venue, set up, performance time, tear-down, load out and travel time back home usually equates to 10 to 12 hours in whole. We need hot meals to be delivered to the band before the performance. We also require bottled water for the show.
4. Final Payment: Final payment will be due upon services rendered.

Can the band play special requests? – On the Spot – If we know it, we’ll play it. If not, we’ll play something as close to it as possible. In advance – if given enough time, and if it’s possible to reproduce without a computer, we’ll do our very best. Many studio versions of songs are highly produced with layers & layers of synthesizers, vocal and instrumental software. We can reproduce solid arrangements for live performances, but it does take time, and a great deal of effort on our part. Our extensive song list consist of many of the most popular, dance-able hits of all time that work in the “Party” environment – tried and true – tested winners that your guests will know and enjoy.

Does your band perform in Metro Areas – Yes, but be sure to consult with us about parking for the group. Loading in/out and parking in downtown areas can be very difficult and expensive. If your event is in one of these areas, we’ll need you to arrange parking for us with the venue, or give us a parking allowance.

What if something goes wrong with my schedule? – Most wedding receptions and special events get behind in the schedule. We’re there to assist you. We are very flexible, and will adjust to accommodate your extracurricular activities, such as: toast, cake cuttings, bouquet & garter toss, and other extras to ensure that you have fun.

What do I need to do to reserve the band? – We have a simple contract available upon request that outlines the times and the details of the event. If you would to make a reservation, a signed contract and a deposit of 1/4 of the guaranteed fee is required.

Summary – Thank you for considering us to be part of your special event. We will deliver a solid, stress-free evening for you. Your guests, all ages, will have fun. I personally guarantee it.

Morgan Sprott- “Soul Fish”