Soul Fish can offer great deals on additional services, including wedding ceremony services, DJ Services and production.


“Soul Fish” can provide live music and sound for your wedding ceremony.
This arrangement provides you with:
1. Elegant sound system specifically designed for wedding ceremonies and other special events.
2. Wireless Lavalier clip-on microphone for the pastor. This feature enables everyone in your congregation to hear what’s going on throughout the entire wedding ceremony.
3. Extra wireless microphone available for special announcements such as hymn readings, poems and more.
4. Your choice of any genre of live or recorded music by “Soul Fish Duo”, or your choice of any other ceremony musician(s).


“Soul Fish” can also DJ for your event.
This arrangement provides you with:
1. An additional hour of DJ-ing included at any time during your event.
2. Top of the line DJ turntables that incorporates all of the latest technology.
3. Top of the line sound system(s) creating the crisp clean sound that you need for a comfortable dining or dancing environment for your guests.
4. Additional lighting for the dance floor programmed for many different variations in lighting.
5. Your choice of music.


For the best rental deals on production for your event, contact our production manager,
Greg Walker for “Stage Presence” at: (843) 906-5666 or